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Service inquires or quote requests

For urgent inquires please contact our sales team or one of our divisions directly.

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Aircraft on Ground
For 24/7 AOG support, please contact your local Customer Service Representative, or alternatively use the contact information shown below: 
Fixed-Wing Engine Services      Rotary-Wing Services   
Canadian Overhaul Facility         Canadian Overhaul Facility   UK Overhaul Facility   
Tel: +1 902.888.1887 
  Tel: +1 604.276.7600
Toll Free: +1 888.729.2276 
Tel: +44(0) 23.9294.6100 
Sales Team

Tim Cox
Vice President of Sales
Tel: +1 817.416.7926
Mobile: +1 817.312.7715


Jeff Holdridge 
Director of Sales
Tel: +1 610.559.2191
Mobile: +1 817.313.6996


Michael Bell (Airframes) 
Tel: +1 954.217.3708
Mobile: +1 954.871.8019


Brian Hughes (Engines)
Tel: +1 204.318.7544
Mobile: +1 204.291.0502


Stacey Wall
Business Development Governmental Business Group
Tel: +44 0 7557 268501

  Laure Perego
Accessories & Military Business 
Tel: +33 (0)


Jean-Jacques Reboul
Vice President Sales & 
Tel: +33 (0)


Giorgio Camino 
Deputy Vice President, 
Sales & Marketing
Tel: +33 (0)