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Fleetlands - Gosport, UK
Vector Aerospace's Helicopter Services - UK facility in Fleetlands, Gosport provides world-class deep maintenance, repair and overhaul for a range of civil and military helicopters including the Airbus Helicopters H225/EC225 / AS332 Super Puma, Boeing Chinook, Leonardo Lynx / Sea King and Sikorsky S-76. Formerly the UK MoD's Defence Aviation Repair Agency (DARA) prior to its acquisition by Vector Aerospace in 2008, the Fleetlands facility offers unmatched capabilities for helicopter and engine support.

Fleetlands' teams of highly skilled, cross-trained technicians are able to undertake any helicopter repair, maintenance, conversion modification or refurbishment, while minimising the time that the aircraft is out of service. Our 'lean' organizational culture and industry-leading pulse lines ensure our ability to efficiently deliver services on-time and on-cost. A philosophy of continuous process improvement, a world-class infrastructure and a dedicated workforce ensure that we are well-positioned to handle the most demanding tasks under strict quality and safety controls.
Platforms Supported   Capability to Support
 • Chinook
 • H225/EC225 / AS332
 • Lynx
 • S-76
 • Sea King
 • AW101 Merlin
 • SA330 Puma
 • SA341/342 Gazelle

 • Pre-survey to determine workscope
 • Contractor working parties
 • Aircraft deep clean
 • Pre-strip functional inspection
 • Panel and component strip and survey
 • Airframe electrical survey
 • Airframe rectifications and modification
 • Panel and component repair
 • Major structural and composite repair
 • Minor engine repair and engine dressing
 • Flight test facility with our own dedicated aircrew
 • Work performed in pulse lines (out of pulse bays also available)  
 • PMS (plastic media strip) facility
 • 1,200m3 (42,000 cu. ft.) complete strip and paint facility: 23m x 6.5m x 8m (75ft x 21ft x 26ft)
 • Paint bays (low bake 40ºC)
 • Authorisations for Chinook, Sea King, Lynx, Gazelle and Puma
Off-Aircraft Facility  
 • State-of-the-art composite repair facility including 2.5m x 4m (8ft x 13ft) autoclave
 • Carbon composite panels
 • Manufacture of aircraft skins
 • Manufacture of mod kits and piece parts
 • Kevlar seat repairs
 • Safety equipment / harness repair
 • Fabric repair / modification workshop
 • Aluminium heat treatment (salt bath and ovens)
 • Battery charging
 • Rotor blade weighing
 • Full calibration facilities (to national standard)
 • Dedicated off-aircraft facilities for repair of dynamic components including rotorheads, gearboxes, transmissions, swashplates, etc.
 • Undercarriage, pylon, hydraulics and pneumatic systems repair capability
 • Manufacture and repair of pipes, flexi-hydraulic and fuel lines
 • Wheel bay
 • NDT to level 3
 • ERP (enterprise resource planning) system
 • Off-site customer working parties available on all platforms
 • Collection and delivery service (as required)
 • LEAN pulse lines; ensuring efficient turn-times and high quality output
 • Aeronautical apprenticeship training center
 • 24/7 fire and crash recovery systems & crews
 • On-site environmentally controlled helicopter storage available
 • Off-line aircraft bays available (includes capability to repair Merlin, Puma, Gazelle and other helicopter models)
Machining Facilities  
 • Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
 • Centre lathes, milling machines, surface grinders and pillar drills
 • AS9100 Revision B
 • ISO 14001:2004
 • AS9110 Revision C 
 • ISO 9001:2008
 • NADCAP Heat Treatment and N.D.T
 • OHSAS 18001:2007
 • DGCA CAR 145 India
 • UAE CAR 145
 • 14 CFR Part 145
 • EASA Part 145
 • EASA Part 21G 
 • Maintenance Approved Organisation Scheme (MAOS) Part 145
 • Contractor Flying Approved organisation Scheme (CFAOS)
 • Design Approved Organisation Scheme (DAOS)

Supplier/OEM Approvals
 • Airbus Helicopters
 • Boeing
 • Finmeccanica Helicopters
 • Sikorsky
 • UK MoD

International Departures and Arrivals
All international flights are strictly PPR by telephone (+44 (0)2392 544483 ) in advance with the ATS tower. Please ensure your Flight Plan includes EGVFZGZX in the address list. Fleetlands is not a Designated Airfield for Customs purposes nor does it have a Certificate of Agreement and as such flights may only take place to/from countries within Great Britain and Northern Ireland or destinations within the European Union. For civil flights, a General Aviation Report (GAR) must be filed in accordance with Border Force procedures. Details for submitting a GAR form may be found on

A copy of the Flight Plan and the GAR must be copied to before departure.

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Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services - UK

Fareham Road
Gosport, Hampshire 

United Kingdom PO13 0AA
Tel:  +44 (0)2392 946100
Fax: +44 (0)2392 946103

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