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Langley - BC, Canada
Strategically located for ease of accessibility by air, land and sea, the Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services - North America facility in Langley is staffed with highly-skilled technicians, engineers and support personnel, who are on hand to provide you with industry-leading helicopter repair and overhaul services.

Whether you require avionics completions, upgrades, retrofits or advanced glass cockpit installations, our award-winning team offers best-in-class quality and performance.

Our team is ready to fully support your requirements for airframe and structural repairs, overhauls or STC development with quality services...on time and on budget.
Airbus Helicopters Approved Maintenance Center / Repair Center / Service Center
 • TCCA approved maintenance organization H125/AS350 / AS355 / H130/EC130 / BO105 / H135/EC135 / AS332
 • Airbus Helicopters approved O / I level maintenance H125/AS350 / AS332
 • Airbus Helicopters H125/AS350 / AS355 / H130/EC130 series approved fixture
 • Airbus Helicopters H125/AS350 / AS355 series approved tailboom fixture
 • Airbus Helicopters approved I+ level structural/composite repair technicians: All AH aircraft
 • Airbus Helicopters approved D level structural repair technicians: H125/AS350 / AS355 / H130/EC130 
Bell Helicopters 
 • Vector cabin and tailboom precision alignment fixtures for: Bell Helicopters 204 / 205 / 212 / 214B / 214ST / 222 / 230 / 430 and all military variants of Bell mediums, including UH-1 Huey and AB-205.
 • TCCA approval specialized structural repair 
Sikorsky Approved Overhaul and Repair Center / Customer Service Center 
 • S-61 main gearbox support structure repair and replacement, tail pylon, pylon hinge fitting precision alignment fixtures
 • S-61 major inspection program
 • S-76 airframe and tailboom precision alignment fixtures
 • Comprehensive maintenance capability for most helicopter types
 • Major repairs, inspections and overhauls, including complete maintenance support packages
 • Rebuilds and refurbishments
 • Airframe and avionics refits / upgrades
 • New aircraft completions - including custom interiors
 • Canadian DND CH-146 Griffon inspection program 
 • Specialized structural repair capability for all helicopter types
 • Field support and specialized structural repair capabilities for all helicopter types
 • Bell 430 sliding window STC
 • S-61 fuselage shortening program STC
 • S-61 electronics bay, dual shelf STC
 • S-61 external cargo, utility system STC
 • Complete rewire, rework and design capability
 • New aircraft completions
 • Electronic news gathering (ENG) helicopter customization: Bell 206 / 407 / 427 / 430

 • FLIR, WESCAM - Cineflex camera installations
 • New technology modifications and upgrades
 • Engineering and certification capability
 • 24 STCs, including Chelton, Garmin, Rockwell Collins and Safran Electronics & Defense glass cockpit upgrades, plus ADS-B and AHRS installations; over 450 installations completed on rotary-wing aircraft
 • Laser wire processing - a fast and efficient - technique which meets the stringent quality standards of major commercial and military applications
 • Dealership for the industry's leading avionics OEMs

Glass Cockpits
 • Glass cockpit upgrade specialists: Airbus Helicopters H125/AS350 / AS355, Bell 205 / 206 and Sikorsky S-76 / S-61
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 • Complete in-house paint capability, accommodating small- to large-sized aircraft

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Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services - North America

#48 – 21330 56 Avenue
Langley, BC 
V2Y 0E5, Canada

Tel.  +1 604.514.0388 
Fax. +1 604.514.0389

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