Business & General Aviation Support
Each and every day, Vector Aerospace helps thousands of aircraft across the globe safely take to the skies, be it to transport clients from A to B, haul freight, spray fields, conduct surveys, delight tourists, train new pilots, conduct life-saving medical transports, or simply to enjoy the pleasure of flight.

We share your passion for flight, and understand your reliance on responsive, high-quality and cost-efficient engine MRO support.

From our overhaul facilities in Canada, France, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom, Vector Aerospace provides OEM-authorized support for some of the world’s most popular business & general aviation engines, including the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A, JT15D, PW300 and PW100, plus the Honeywell ALF502/LF507.

Our customers also benefit from the local support provided by a global network of service facilities in Australia (Brisbane), Canada (Calgary), South Africa (Nairobi), the United Kingdom (Portsmouth) and the United States (Atlanta, Dallas and Pittsburgh).

We further ensure that our customers remain flying through the assistance of our Mobile Repair Teams (MRT) located across the globe. On call 24/7, 365 days a year, Vector Aerospace’s Mobile Repair Teams are on hand to assist customers no matter where they are.

Vector Aerospace also provides our business & general aviation customers with a range of supporting services, including engine leasing, engine and module rentals, fuel accessory repairs, and surplus engine/component sales.

The team at Vector Aerospace prides itself on providing customer service excellence, as evidenced by our scoring in independent satisfaction surveys and the by the high degree of loyalty which we enjoy from our returning customers. We are here to serve you, and look forward to demonstrating to you why Vector Aerospace is globally acclaimed for setting the standard of customer service.

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B & GA Support Regional Managers
     Tim Cox

Vice President of Sales
Tel: +1 817.416.7926
Mobile: +1 817.312.7715


Jeff Holdridge 
Director of Sales
Tel: +1 610.559.2191
Mobile: +1 817.313.6996