Our Advantages
Competitive Pricing

We understand that our customers expect value-for-money. We will deliver this by offering you a range of MRO options – including new vs. reconditioned parts – where available, and by detailing the time-and-materials costs involved in returning your engine or aircraft to service.

  Fast Turnaround Times

Vector Aerospace has earned a reputation for responsive service that is focused on minimizing your aircraft downtime. Rental engines and other assets are available to ensure that you remain operational while the work is performed, thus minimizing any inconvenience.

Technical and Engineering Expertise

With approximately 2,300 employees located in 21 locations across eight nations, our highly skilled and cross-trained technical specialists are able to provide you with local support 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring that your aircraft stays in the air.

  Personalized Workscopes

Our engine customers are provided with a comprehensive assessment of the condition of their powerplant, supported by photographic documentation defining the specific workscope requested and any additional work required.

Personalized Customer Service

Vector Aerospace assigns each customer a designated Customer Service Manager, whose job is to coordinate and communicate with you throughout the repair process, acting as your first point of contact for any questions.


  Superior Warranty

We stand behind our work with one of the best warranties in the business. This assurance reflects the rigorous quality processes that our highly trained staff follow, in order to provide uniformly high standards across our facilities.

Quality Excellence

Our work is performed to the highest levels of quality, to ensure both your safety and your satisfaction. We are certified to ISO 9001/9002 and AS9100/9110, and maintain our quality through rigorous internal processes.

  Engine Management Services

We offer a number of engine management programs, including our VMAX offering and our Global Engine Management Service (GEMS) program, which includes engine/accessory MRO, rental engines, training and asset management.

One-Stop-Shop Capabilities

With capabilities to support aircraft, engines and components, Vector Aerospace is able to offer a true one-stop-shop support. This avoids the need to use multiple services providers, minimizing turnaround times and costs.