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Paint Capabilities in Fleetlands, UK

Vector Aerospace’s state-of-the-art facility in Fleetlands, Gosport, UK is capable of housing the largest rotary platforms for full plastic media strip (PMS) and refinish, enabling us to meet any individual customer needs or requirements. With over 400 aircraft refinished in the last five years, our turn times are at a globally leading level, and with over 200 years combined experience of refinishing within our team, all of our aircraft are delivered with pride to the highest standard.

With the support of our on-site design and engineering teams, we are also able to resolve any constraints associated with our paint bay dimensions, as recently demonstrated in our fast jet refinish programme for the Royal Air Force.

• 3 bays. 8m x 6.5m x 23m     
• Conductive coatings for MRBs     
• Able to apply all modern aviation paint specifications   
• Graphics and sign writing production system     
• 2 of which have a 40°C low bake capability      
• 1 chemical strip 8m x 6.5m x 23m      
• 1 whole A/C plastic media strip bay 8m x6.5m x 23m     
• Conductive coatings on rotor blades     
• 2 component spray booths     
• 1 component PMS booth    
• AS9110, AS9100 Rev.C     
• Leonardo Helicopters supplier approval     
• Boeing supplier approval     
• OHSAS 18001:2007      
• ISO 12001:2004 environment      
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Capabilities in Langley, BC

Vector Aerospace’s dedicated rotary-wing facility in Langley, BC, Canada incorporates a 1,600 sq. ft. integrated refinishing area with a 7,560 cu. ft. semi-downdraft paint booth. With over 20 years’ experience in finishing a wide range of aircraft types, including the AB205, AS332, B205, B407, B212, CH-146, H130/EC130, S-76 and UH-1H for a variety of civil, military and parapublic operators, and with refinishing approvals from various OEMs, the TCCA, FAA, EASA and various U.S. and foreign militaries, we are your aircraft paint shop experts.

• 7,560 cu. ft. semi-downdraft paint booth  
• Climate-controlled 12,000 cfm MAU 1,320,000 BTU bake cycle  
• Chemical and plastic media blasting paint removal  
• Custom stencils and graphics  
• Conductive and thermal ablative coatings (where approved by OEM or STC).             
• Airbus Helicopters approved maintenance centre     
• Airbus Helicopters approved repair centre     
• Sikorsky Aircraft approved service center     
• ISO 9001:2008     
• TCCA Specialized Structural AMO 231-91     
• EASA Part 145 Approval Number: EASA.145.7003     
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