Airframe Certificates
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Airframe OEM Certificates

Airbus Helicopters AS350/AS355/EC130/EC135/AS332 Maintenance Center (HSNA)
Airbus Helicopters AS350H125 H130 AS355 AS550 AS555 H125M Maintenance Center (HSUK)
Airbus Helicopters AS350/AS355/EC130 Repair Center (HSNA)
Airbus Helicopters AS332/H225 Maintenance Centre (HSUK)
Airbus Helicopters Inc. AS350/AS355/EC130/BO105/EC135/BK117/EC145 Service Center (HSNA)
Sikorsky S-76 and S-61 R&O Center (HSNA)
Sikorsky S-76 Authorized Customer Support Center (HSNA)
Sikorsky S-76 Authorized Customer Support Center (HSUK)

Certification Authority Certificates

EASA Part 21G (HSUK)
EASA Part 21J Design Organisation Approval (DOA)(HSUK)
EASA Part 145 (HSUK)
EASA Part 145 (HSNA)
TCCA AMO - All Capabilities (HSNA)
TCCA AMO - Aircraft Category (HSNA)
TCCA AMO - Avionics Category (HSNA)
TCCA AMO - NDT Category (HSNA)
TCCA AMO - Structures Category (HSNA)
TCCA AMO - Welding Category (HSNA)
TCCA Approved Organization - Distribution & Certification (HSNA)
Approved Organization - Manufacture & Certification (HSNA)
TCCA Approval Limitation Record (HSNA)
FAA Repair Station approval (HSNA)
UK MAA MRP 145 Approval (HSUK)
UK MAA DAOS Design Approval (HSUK)

Quality, Process, Environmental & Export Certificates
AS9100C (HSUK)
AS9110B (HSUK)
ISO 9001 2015 & AS9110C (HSNA)
ISO 9001 2008 (HSUK)
ISO 14001 2004 (HSUK)
OHSAS 18001 2007 (HSUK)
Nadcap - Heat Treating (HSUK)
PWGSC Controlled Goods Certification (HSNA)

National Approvals
Civil Aviation Administration of China - Limitation of Maintenance Items (HSNA)
Civil Aviation Administration of China - Maintenance Organization (HSNA)
Civil Aviation Administration of China - Delegation of Authority (HSNA)
Singapore CAA - Maintenance Approval (HSNA)