Component Services

Vector Aerospace specializes in providing a one-stop-shop capability for modification, in-house testing, repair and overhaul of an extensive range of transmission, mechanical and hydraulic components, plus structural assemblies. We provide support for a wide variety of components used on rotary- and fixed-wing platforms, both civil and military.

Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services – North America has full small and large component MRO capability for Airbus Helicopters, including bevel and combining gearboxes, tail rotor gearboxes, epicyclics, and main rotor shafts. We also have full capability to perform small and large component MRO for Sikorsky S-61 and S-76 models and Bell helicopter components for most models. Our component MRO shop is equipped with OEM certified on-site test cells and trained and certified technicians. 

Vector Aerospace Component Services UK, located in
Almondbank, has a deep heritage of providing one-stop-shop support for a wide range of civil and military platforms. Its capabilities include "Rotary" and "Fast Jet" hydraulic workshops, structural components, extensive machine shops, electroplating operators and surface finishing facilities.