To answer the growing needs of operators in terms of engine maintenance and associated services, Vector Aerospace created GEMS, the Global Engine Management Service.

The GEMS concept embraces a wide range of services, including powerplant support, engine/accessory MRO, rental engines, training and asset management. Vector Aerospace's worldwide footprint assures regional airline and business/general aviation operators with responsive support from strategically located service centers around the world, backed-up by a highly-experienced mobile repair team.

Your job is to fly, our duty is to allow you to.

Our Services

Powerplant Support
Our efficient powerplant support service assists operators in optimizing reliability and Time-On-Wing by planning your maintenance operations, tracking engine fleet configuration and analyzing your engine performance.

Engine MRO, incl. accessories and parts repair
Approved by leading OEMs, we provide customers with comprehensive engine MRO capabilities and we perform all types of work from scheduled to unscheduled events, and from minor repairs to full overhauls.

On-site Services
We employ a large team of dedicated mobile repair personnel from our global facility network.

Rental Engines
We understand that you need to fly to generate revenue! To ensure your aircraft remain flying, we offer a range of rental engine assets available on a short-term or long-term basis, thus minimizing any impact on your operational activities.

Our experienced and knowledgeable instructors and partners provide both standard and customized training programs for a variety of Pratt & Whitney Canada engines.

Purchase and Sale: To assist you in managing your resources
Within the scope of our "nose-to-tail" powerplant support we address engine- and powerplant-related purchase and sale alternatives to MRO services whenever it is more suitable and economical to fulfill our customer's requirements.

Customized Solutions: To meet your specific expectations
Regardless of fleet size, whether you are an airline or a single engine operator, we can address your operational requirements with a customized contract solution.

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