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PT6A Flat Rate Overhaul Program
Continue flying with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your engine overhaul costs will be capped.

As the leading independent provider of Pratt & Whitney Canada (P&WC) designated maintenance, repair and overhaul services for the PT6A engine family, we are delighted to work with P&WC to bring this flat rate overhaul initiative to the PT6A operator community through our global network of overhaul facilities.

This initiative, applicable to PT6A-21, -27, -28, -41, -42 and -114 variants, is part of P&WC’s PT6SMARTSM program.

Applicable Engine Models Basic Flat Rate Overhaul Price
(per engine)*
Overhaul Capped Price
(per engine)*
PT6A-21 US$205,000 US$270,000
PT6A-27 US$245,000 US$295,000
PT6A-28 US$245,000 US$295,000
PT6A-41 US$235,000 US$295,000
PT6A-42 US$270,000 US$320,000
 PT6A-114 US$225,000 US$280,000

Operators taking advantage of this offer: 

• will not be charged any costs for the replacement of non-genuine P&WC parts
• will not be charged for typical corrosion or sulphidation
• will not face any additional charges for foreign object damage (FOD), provided that FOD was not the cause of an unscheduled removal. 
• This initiative is offered for all complete eligible PT6A engines operated worldwide, including those on extended time between overhaul (TBO) programs. 

Operators are able to take advantage of this offer at any of Vector Aerospace’s four P&WC designated PT6A overhaul facilities worldwide, including: 

Vector Aerospace Australia (Pty) Ltd, Brisbane, AUSTRALIA 

  Tel:  +61 (7) 3268.0000

Vector Aerospace Engine Services - Atlantic, Summerside, PE, CANADA 
  Toll Free NA: +1 866.436.1333  |  Tel:  +1 902.436.1333

Vector Aerospace - France, Gonesse, Paris, FRANCE 
  Tel: +33 (0)1

For further details of the PT6A flat rate overhaul program, please visit

To schedule a PT6A flat rate overhaul, please contact your local Vector Aerospace sales representative.

 * Note, PT6SMARTSM pricing is subject to change. Please contact us to confirm these published rates.
Toll Free NA: +1 866.436.1333
Toll Free NA: +1 866.436.1333
Tel: +1 902.436.1333
Tel: +1 902.436.1333
Tel: +1 902.436.1333