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The Essence of Teamwork

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Essence of Teamwork

Teamwork is one of the core values of Vector Aerospace, and no other project demonstrates this more aptly than the Pakistan Sea King Programme, nearing completion at Vector’s Fleetlands facility in Gosport, UK.

This project was initiated as a joint collaboration in 2015 between MOD UK, Leonardo Helicopters and the Pakistan Navy.

The collaboration identified seven ex-MOD UK Sea Kings (2 x MK3A and 5 X MK4) to be purchased by the Pakistan Navy. Two of the MK4 aircraft and one MK3A were identified to be returned to service at Vector Fleetlands. In April 2017, the contract of sale was signed and possession of the aircraft passed to the Pakistan Navy.

A dedicated team from Vector Aerospace International limited (VAIL) Fleetlands were identified to deliver this programme, utilising all support resources from across the UK site, also including customer representation from the Pakistan Navy who integrated into the Sea King Team.

Today, all three Sea Kings are in the flight test phase of the programme with two now completed. This phase utilises a team comprised of VAIL Pilot support, Pakistan Navy Pilot support and a close liaison with Heli-Operations to provide UK Pilot coverage.

To celebrate this flight test milestone, all three aircraft were brought together to the Heliport at VAIL Fleetlands on the 8th November. All participants in the project were invited to take part in a celebratory photograph.

Next steps are to ship the consignment of aircraft and parts to Pakistan in December 2017, followed by a VAIL / Heli-ops team to support the rebuild and acceptance in January 2018. Vector Aerospace would like to thank all supporters of this programme - locally, nationally and internationally.

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