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Spares Sales

Spares Sales

In addition to our core business of maintenance, repair and overhaul of engines, dynamic components, airframes and avionics, Vector Aerospace provides related services including engineering support and  parts sales.

Spares may consist of complete dynamic component assemblies / sub-assemblies, to complete engines assemblies / sub-assemblies (e.g.compressors, turbines and gearboxes) as well consumable items and repairable parts pool.

Parts Distribution
Engine Services - Atlantic has a vast array of factory new and serviceable individual line items. In addition we manage parts distribution service for PT6A series turboprops and JT15D series turbofans. As a Pratt & Whitney Canada Authorized Distributor, we offer the highest level of customer support to our customers worldwide. The Over-The-Counter (OTC) Parts Sales and Service Support Centre welcome the opportunity to assist you with all your engine material requirements; call, fax or email us for pricing and availability.

Helicopter Services - NA
Katell Nixon
Inventory Parts Specialist, ABA
Tel: +1 604.514.7350
Fax: +1 604.276.7569
Mobile: +1 604.562.5992 (AOG 24/7/365)
Helicopter Services - NA
Michael Wang
Inventory Parts Specialist
Tel: +1 604.276.7555
Mobile: +1 604.603.0926 (AOG 24/7/365)

Engine Services - Atlantic
Jonathan Smith 
Customer Service Coordinator - Distribution
Tel: +1 902.888.1881
Mobile: +1 902.315.1870
Vector Aerospace - France
Thierry Poulard
Vice President, Programs
Tel:+33 (0) 130185336

A complete list of our surplus inventory can also be found on the following websites’:  
ILS inventory Locator Service   Parts Base
Parts Logistics   Stock Market Aero

Bell Surplus Parts


Part Number


Quantity Available

AA55487-5 Pin 1
AA55590-11C Hinge 1
AN832-10J Union 1
AS3578-042 Packing, Prefof 1
AS4824A10 Seal 1
AS4824A12 Seal 9
AS5174D0303 Union 3
D38999/26WD18SN Conn-W/Contacts 6
JKL655 Light bulb 2
MS16624-1046 Retainer
MS20004H4 Bolt 6
MS20004H8 Bolt 4
MS20392-1S27 Pin 1
MS21083C8  Nuts 5
MS21252-3RL Clevis 2
MS25036-129 Terminal 5
MS25036-132 Terminal 10
MS25036-133 Terminal 10
MS25083-7BB4  Jumper Assy, Ele 1
MS27473T8B-35S  Connector 1
MS27723-22 Switch 1
M83461/1-116  Packing 8
M83519/1-1  Shield, Termina 37 
M83519/2-8 Solder sleeve 24
M83519/2-9 Shield terminal 24 
NAS-451-46 Bolt   12
NAS1329A3-80  Rivnut, blind  6
NAS1351-4-16  Screw 2
NAS6203-12  Bolt  2
1 2 3 4 5 6

Sikorsky Surplus Parts

Description    Part Number    Quantity Available
S76 Driveshaft T/R 76361-04004-049    1
S76 Gearbox Inter 76357-05000-041    3
S76 Gearbox T/R   S76358-05100-047    2
S76 Strut/nose LG   1944E100A    1
Drag link main assy   S6125-50100-003    1
S61 Strut assy/main   S6125-50204-001    4


General Electirc Surplus Parts

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Description    Part Number    Quantity Available
CT58 Fuel control 725725-6    3
CT58 Fuel purifier   4005T01P03    1
CT58 Fuel purifier   4007T24P02    1

Safran Helicopter Engines Surplus Parts

Description    Part Number    Quantity Available
Arriel F.C.U 1B 0164540120    1
Arriel accy GB-M01 1B 70BM011080    1
Arriel reduc GB-M05 1B   70BM055030    1
Arriel reduc GB-M05 1B   70BM055020    1
Arriel comp-M02 1B   70BM021060    1 

Rolls-Royce Surplus Parts

Description    Part Number    Quantity Available
C30 Fuel nozzle 23077067    1
C30 Bleed valve 23005366    1
C30 Bleed valve   23073353    1
C20 Governor bendix   23065123    1
C20 Bleed valve   23053176    1
C20 Fuel nozzle   23077068     1
C20R FCU   23065112     1
C28 Bleed valve   23074227     1
C28 FCU - bendix   23070611     1
C30 Governor bendix   23070101     2