Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)

AS332L Super Puma
 FAA STC SR02405AK Night vision goggle compatible cockpit
• FAA STC SR02398AK: EASA STC 10047200 Helicopter emergency egress lighting (HEEL) system
• FAA STC SR02399AK; EASA STC 10050473 Dual Garmin GNS 530WNAV/COMM/GPS, HTAWS
• FAA STC SR02393AK Satellite tracking system
• FAA STC SR02473AK; EASA STC 10060043 Automatic Dependant Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

AS350 Series
• FAA STC SR02478AK Automatic Dependant Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)
• FAA STC SR02492AK AS350/EC130  B4 Crash-Resistant Fuel Tank
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Bell 205/Bell 212 Single

• FAA STC SR03043NY, TCAA STC SH09-59 SAGEM three (3) display electronic flight instrument system with AHRS

Bell 206
• FAA STC SR02292AK, TCCA STC SH08-18 SAGEM electronic flight instrument system and AHRS upgrade
• FAA STC SR02326AK Single Sagem avionics ICDS-8 integrated cockpit display system with attitude and heading reference inputs and a Garmin GNS430 NAV/COMM/GPS system
• FAA STC - SR01149SE, TCCA STC - SH03-25 Carbon fiber modular tailboom drive cover

Bell 212/412
• FAA STC SH767NE, TCCA STC SH90-9 Overhauled exhaust ejectors

Bell UH-1H
• FAA STC - SR00767SE Spar replacement system
• FAA STC - SR00267SE Vertical tail fin with 42° and 90° gear boxes and 212 push rod system
FAA approved modifications: 
RCTC R00004RC - aft airframe modification, F.S. 211.08, UH-1-1402-MDL, lift beam & main beam upgrades UH-1-1403-MDL, landing gear support modifications, UH-1-1405-MDL, tailboom structural modifications UH-1-1406-MDL

Bell 427/430
• FAA SR1520NY, TCCA STC SH02-20 Bulkhead adaptor
• STC SH00-41 FSI ultra media II or III, or Wescam 16SS-320, 16SS-B750/725, 16SS-1000, 16DB-750 camera and isolation mount
• STC SR01262NY FSI ultra media II camera and isolation mount
• STC SR01451SE Nose-mounted Tokimec/Cineflex gyro-stabilized E.N.G camera
• STC SR01452SE Tokimec antenna array

AW139 Series 
• FAA STC SR02473AK; EASA STC 10060043 Automatic Dependant Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

Sikorsky S-61 
• FAA STC SR02336AK VFR-IFR Rockwell Collins/SAGEM electronic display system with dual AHRS
• TCCA STC SH97-42 Replacement avionics shelves
• FAA STC SR02335AK DC fuel quantity system
• FAA STC SR09236RC Modular wiring harness
 STC SRO2279AK Rockwell Collins four (4) display FDS electronic flight instrument system upgrade with dual AHRS
• FAA STC SR09232RC Solid state static inverter
 FAA STC SR09233RC Solid state voltage regulator
• FAA STC - SR00283SE Fifty inch section removal from forward fuselage between stations 110 and 160
• FAA STC - SR00427SE, TCCA STC - SH98-02 External cargo hook assembly kits
• FAA STC - SR00814SE Reinforcement kit - aft fuselage station 493
• FAA STC - SR01264SE, TCCA STC - SH03-27 Replacement windshields

Sikorsky S-76
• FAA STC SRO1367SE Rockwell Collins four (4) display FDS electronic flight Instrument system upgrade with dual AHRS
• FAA STC SR01520SE Modularized main DC electrical junction box
• FAA STC SR02352AK AXSYS Forward looking infra-red (FLIR) imaging system
• FAA STC SR02473AK; EASA STC 10060043 Automatic Dependant Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)


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